CIM | Community Investment Management

Strategic debt capital
for responsible fintech


Since 2014, Community Investment Management (CIM) has played an integral role in the development of responsible and transparent innovation in digital finance. CIM seeks to deliver positive social impact by partnering with innovative credit providers offering responsible and transparent financial solutions to underserved communities.


Through a comprehensive investment process developed from significant expertise in small business and consumer lending and structured finance, CIM identifies and invests in responsible financial solutions for inefficient market segments underserved by traditional lenders.

CIM's strategy demonstrates and scales innovative financial products, bringing responsible and transparent solutions for the underserved into the financial mainstream.

CIM focuses on partnerships with innovative credit providers that demonstrate a commitment to responsible, transparent, and customer-centric practices. CIM's deep engagement model, impact orientation, and long-term investment focus makes us a preferred investment partner for innovative credit providers.


Through our investments and industry leadership, CIM delivers impact on three levels and in line with select UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Enabling Environment: Shaping Policy & Lending Practices

CIM has established itself as a leading voice for responsible lending practices. Our advocacy work in the sector has centered on developing a set of responsible practices and codified behavior within fintech lending, including co-founding the Small Business Borrowers' Bill of Rights.

Market Building: Scaling Responsible Fintech Leaders

CIM provides strategic debt financing to scale and demonstrate responsible innovation in credit products and drive widespread adoption by the financial mainstream. CIM's partnerships cultivate an ecosystem for responsible and transparent products that advance financial inclusion and improve financial health of communities.

Borrower Access: Reaching Underserved Communities

CIM believes that responsible financial inclusion for small businesses and individuals is critical to equitable economic growth, job creation, and the health and sustainability of local communities. CIM works closely with its partners to deliver responsible and transparent financing solutions for underserved communities, including small businesses, students, and low-income households. A majority of the businesses funded by CIM are owned by women, people of color, or military veterans.

CIM is a founding Signatory to the Operating Principles for Impact Management. Our Disclosure Statement can be accessed here.

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